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A small tool that I built to help university students with logins

Posted by Shubham Chaudhary on May 14, 2014
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Panjab University PU@CAMPUS
This software will help you automatically login to PU@CAMPUS wifi. Don't you think typing your username and that ugly hard to remember password everytime you turn on you laptop is a tedious task. Well here is the solution. You don't have to do it anymore. Just a double click and you're logged in. Best part is that it is very very fast.


Linux user:

  • Download this folder using the Download as zip link on right side.
  • Unzip the folder by double clicking (or command unzip
  • Run the install file by typing ./install in the command line
  • Enter your system sudo password when prompted
  • Next you'll be asked to setup a credential file, press y
  • Enter your username and password. These will be stored in a hidden file ~/.login.txt.

Windows user:

  • Install python3 if you don't have one from this official python website.
  • Download this folder using the Download as zip link on right side.
  • Copy and paste the file to your Desktop or some other suitable place
  • Create a file named login.txt or .login.txt (preferably in C:\Users\yourHomeFolder or the same folder where you copied
  • Open it in any text editor and enter two lines, first your username and password on the next lines.
  • It is recommended that you should hide this credential file.


Windows user

Once you've carefully installed it as instructed above you may simply double click the file to login.

Linux user

All you need to do is type in logmein or logmein -i in your command line to login PUCampus.
Plus you also get some more additional functionality through command accessible via command line options listed below:

Command line options

Usage: logmein [-i || -o || -f credential_file || username password]
Help optionAlternativeUsage
-h--helpShow this help message and exit
-f FILE--file=FILEUse the specified file as credential file
You may also use logmein USERNAME PASSWORD to login as some other user.

We now also have an android application also. Check it out here on github: logmein-android
I also plan to create a chrome extension soon.
Download me on GitHub